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All Hail Eris!

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You've missed out Our Lady of Chaos and Disorder, She Who Must Be Venerated, She whom the Romans called Discordia, She What Done It All, She who kick-started the Trojan War by lobbing the Golden Apple marked "Kallisti" in among the Gods (who, as beings of near-infinite ego, squabbled like cats as to who deserved the title "The Fairest One". A mere mortal called Paris was brought to Olympus to adjudicate which if the goddesses was fairest; as a reward he was given Helen, the fairest of mortal women. The fact she belonged to Priam of Troy was considered a mere incidental by the gods, but this started a war between Troy (modern Turkey) and Greece. Even today, untold thousands of years later, Greece and Turkey are uneasy neighbours and it doesn't take much. (regard Cyprus).

Meanwhile, Eris sniggers in the shadows still...

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All Hail Eris!

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