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David B - Singing Librarian Owl

I thought it was Hestia? Can you verify whether I've been wrong all these years?

Very interesing project this. Good job!



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Athena the Wise

Not that it's my business, but, it could be both.
Greek is, obviously, not English.
If one English-speaker hears a Greek word, then they may spell it differently than another English-speaker who hears the same word.
This sort of thing happens often. (Quran, Kuran)(blonde, blond)(etc.)

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David B - Singing Librarian Owl

Very true. I've just never come across Hesita in a reference book on the subject, and a quick web search only seems to find sites where it's mostly 'Hestia' with a couple of references to 'Hesita' which are probably typos. The reason it perplexes me is that the two spellings would lead to very different pronunciations.

But it doesn't really matter, I suppose. smiley - smiley

David the not particularly wise


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It should be Hestia, not Hesita. That is most probably a typo. I'm absolutely certain, as I'm Greek.

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