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Astronomy classes

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Ahh, yes. I remember being taught this in astronomy class. Sweet memories smiley - smiley

Astronomy classes

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Yeliab {h2g2as}

Same here (not that is was long ago, only last year) and I though it was just cool. Took a while to grasp the transition of the stars but I ove the jump with red giants stright off the main sequence and the temperature size effects. They must have been cleaver people.


Astronomy classes

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Interesting ... you have been taught these things at school or at university? Unfortunately, my school offered nothing in this direction.

Astronomy classes

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Yeliab {h2g2as}

It was in my Alevel Physics Cosmology moudle that I was first taught it (though had met it in books) and then I poped allong and joined a astronomy course at uni which was cool, not that I do astronomy at uni. That's what I like about university!

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