A Conversation for The Physics of Space Shuttle Re-Entry

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This is one of the most interesting articles I have read to date. It really makes you think about what goes into the whole shuttle flight.

I for one hope the U.S does not scrap its manned space program. So much has been acheived, but there is so much more to explore!!!

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Yep I totally agree we should never scrap the manned space program as ultimately it could be about humanities future...

Great article just a shame you had to drop the Bringing home the Brickyard title as that always made me smile...smiley - biggrin

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I second that - brilliant article - as an Astrophysics students it's quite difficult to explain to people the complexity of landing the shuttle.

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And superb artwork smiley - winkeye

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smiley - applauseall round. (and thanks for linking to my Columbia crew entry too<peacedove)
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Fantastic BLOB smiley - winkeye well done Gedsmiley - ok

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From a mechanical engineer - Bravo!

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