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Dyspeptic interpretation of the Army/McCarthy hearings:

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Eisenhower attempted at one point to drum up some support for his presidential campaign and the Marshall plan from McCarthy, evoking much railing of "pinkoe!" from McCarthy, while Marshal on the other hand had been asking more mildly how we were to hold Europe against Soviet aggression without the Marshall plan.

The Army/McCarthy hearings followed, Eisenhower took on Richard M. Nixon as his running mate, and the rest is history.

Myself, had I been called before McCarthys' 'legislative tribunal', I think I would have waited for a pause then asked Senator McCarthy very loudly, "Senator McCarthy have you ever considered getting psychiatric help for your paranoid schizophrenia?" (classic case). After waiting for the histrionic explosion that would have inevitably followed to subside, continued, "How about your alcoholism?".

A friend of mine who served with McCarthy during WWII once told me a story about how McCarthy got his nickname, "Tailgunner Joe". He had a habit, returning from bombing missions, of discharging the tail gun of the plane he was aboard down the length of the landing field during landing, forcing people to take cover.

...by the by, curiously enough, I'm a Nixon admirer...

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Dyspeptic interpretation of the Army/McCarthy hearings:

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