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Context of the Cuban Missile Crisis

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While McCarthyism was a product of the intensifying Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis was not a part of McCarthyism. Even according to the timeline of this article, McCarthyism was long dead by the time Kennedy was President and the showdown with Castro began. And while it's a good example of the lunacies spawned by the paranoia of the superpowers, it doesn't belong in this otherwise well-written article.

Sorry to nitpick,

F. G.

Context of the Cuban Missile Crisis

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Ditto on the nit-pick, the raging 'cold' war issue of the day was the cold war in the east, in Korea, with Soviet pilots flying air missions on behalf of the North Koreans and the PRC intervening on behalf of the North Koreans.

The Soviet Union at the time was not an active member of the UN.

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Context of the Cuban Missile Crisis

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