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Please help - tyre pressure

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Some really useful advice, thanks. I have recently inherited a unicycle and having a reasonable sense of balance (I've been stilt walking for years) decided have a go at learning to ride the thing. The leaning forward and peddling like mad technique seems to be working and I have great hopes that eventually I might manage to get the wheel to go round more than a couple of times before I come off. Undoubtedly this will end the entertainment value I seem to have developed in the eyes of the local stray cat who has been watching the proceedings with interest.

Could anyone tell me how flat or otherwise the tyre of the unicycle should be? Is it helpful to have them quiet spoungy?

Please help - tyre pressure

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As with many things juggling/circus skills related, the answer is "whatever feels right" - it can depend on how big the wheel is, too. While learning (on a 20" wheel), I liked to have the tyre quite soft, but now I pump it up very hard, on both my normal uni and on the five footer. I'm not convinced the difference is anything other than psychological, but the thing *seems* to respond quicker when the tyre's solid. The main thing I would say is make sure it's not flat - you don't want to be riding o the rim.

Best of luck with it.


Please help - tyre pressure

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In most cases the pressure in your tire should NOT be the same as on a bike, the only exception is if you are riding for distances. If you are doing tricks or riding off road the tire should not be fully inflated, but should not hit the rim when and if you bounce, in fact it should be just under the pressure it says on the tire. A really good tire to get is a Primo The Wall tire 1.85 in. I have been riding for many years and that is my personal prefrence, they cost $10-$15 American dollars.

Keep riding!

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