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Nobody's perfect!

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That's all I have to say, really. Anyone who's seen it will know what I'm talking about! smiley - biggrin

Nobody's perfect!

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The fact that Marilyn was dumb just added to her appeal!! She was sweet, blonde , gorgeous and lit any room up!! Had she been some sort of intelligent leader of some sort she would have lost her dipsyness altogether and would not be one of my fave screen legends!!

Nobody's perfect!

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Ingisim - Domestic Goddess

Just a thought...

Why do young men look like middle-aged women when they dress up in drag? And would it work the other way: could a middle-aged woman look like young man if she put on a fake beard?

Nobody's perfect!

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Clearly you haven't met enough middle-aged women. They already have facial hair. smiley - tongueout

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