A Conversation for Bulimia Nervosa

It's hard to spot and hard to stop!

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It is interesting how so many can know the signs of bulimia on paper, but so few can recognise it in person.

I have been bulimic for a long time, and not one person has yet found out about this. One person does know, but that is because I told him. Not that I want anyone to find out, I don't do it for attention. I suppose everything that is said about control is spot on. When I vomit I do feel very much in control, it makes me forget tempoarily about any problems I am facing. When I was younger I would read about bulimics and laugh, thinking they were pathetic if the only way they could lose weight was through the way they did. It was this thinking that got me to lose five stone. This is why it sometimes suprises myself that I became bulimic AFTER I lost the weight naturally and well, healthily. I realise that I have a problem, it is a serious illness and if I don't stop then things will get worse, as pointed out in the article.

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It's hard to spot and hard to stop!

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