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An interesting post about a subject I have to much experience of, via a close family member. They have now been ill over 10 years, starting with anorexia, which developed into bulemia.
I think you've covered most of the points that I've experienced in my family. The only thing I would add is that the disorder affects all members of the family, particularly when the side effects make themselves known. The loss of potassium can lead to fits, like those seen in epilepsy, and there are many other side effects that you wouldn't even think of.
A good article on an emotive topic.

Interesting points

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The stone eater aka SigSig (SI) - webmaster

Thats a good article.

It seems strange to have it written out like that. All the facts and none of the emotion.

I probably suffer from bulimia though not really bad. While i was being abused i didnt eat for several months. Gave me some kind of control. i lost 3 stone in 2 months. It felt so good being thin and it was so easy not to eat as i was depressed. But as i got happier i started eating and cant keep thin. And as the depression lifted food tasted good and i couldnt get enough. I eat and feel guilty so throw up. If i dont i get panic attacks. I have put back on the weight and hate my body so much. Food is like an evil thing that i both love and hate. I have told noone in real life about this, people dont understand. I never even told my psych.

Maybe that gives people a better idea about what bulimia really feels like.

V smiley - cheers

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