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lefty aye aye !

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yes yes yes . I am a left hander and constantly find pain in trying to locate hammers and various other tools that are simply not designed for our "higher thinking side of the brain" !. I can play guitar (and even that is unfair -- cos living in the dark ages ---- i.e. modern day U.K. I have to pay more for decent lefty guitars !!! this is biased unfair discriminatory and basically crap !. THank you i feel better for ranting now.


lefty aye aye !

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I'm left handed too and have problems trying to learn how to play the guitar as I can't seem to be able to find anything to help me position my hands properly.
I can't be bothered trying to re-string the guitar so they're backwards as whoever it is that tries to teach me how to play is actually right handed! Both my boyfriend and my dad are the only ones I have enough patience with to learn from, and they're both right handed. T'is very annoying.

On the subject of most things being for right handed people. I don't find it hard at all to use scissors or rulers etc... I'm better at cutting with my right hand as I can keep whatever it is I'm cutting steady with my left as it has more... I dunno what the word is... Concentration? Dunno! But yeah, it's easier to keep things steady with my more dominant hand that it is with my right which is all over the place unless it's concentrating!

lefty aye aye !

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I'm a lefty and have had to become ambidextrous to use right-handed products. I use a right-handed mouse and scissors. My right hand is steady, but my left hand got all of the fine motor skills. I write and draw with my left hand; my right hand has atrocious handwriting.

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