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Bus drivers

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Bus drivers, at least in Surrey, are almost invariably male. They speak in a low, deep mumble. Which would be bearable, were it not for their dreadful accents. They glare at you when you claim a child's fare (on the grounds that you are fifteen, and adult fare begins at sixteen). They give you change with extreme reluctance, whilst glaring at you. If you press the button that tells them to stop at the next stop and let you off, they glare at you. In fact, they seem to resent your very existence.
The're worse than the pigeons.

Bus drivers

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a visitor to planet earth

Bus drivers need our admiration, I have seen them spat at and they are frequently attacked. That's why in some places they need a protective screen.

Bus drivers

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Are like any other professional driver that I have known.

People who go in for driving jobs (at least at the start) are people who love vehicles and driving - being paid to drive somebody else's big powerful vehicle, with free fuel thrown in, is heaven.

However, what spoils it are a) other road users and b) the public. Take these two things out of the equation - pasengers and other road users - and it would be a dream job!

Or am I being cynical...

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