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"Shoot yourself in the foot."

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Shouldn't the C example look more like:

#include "gun.h"

void main (void)
int foot = 2;
int *yourself = &you;

shoot (yourself, foot);

Just a question, that's all...

"Shoot yourself in the foot."

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SchrEck Inc.

Aahh, an ANSI C programmer. Nice program. smiley - winkeye

"Shoot yourself in the foot."

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Thanks! smiley - smiley

"Shoot yourself in the foot."

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And you use vertical alignment of braces rather than the absurd "One True Brace Style" which I would like to introduce stoning for - in the sense of small rocks not resinous aromatic recreational substances of varying legality - except on the grounds that it's too humane.

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