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Where were you...

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Sho - employed again!

while I was flopping around and struggling with my A-level all those years ago?

This is great stuff, you make it sound so simple! Well, simple in retrospect, knowing what I know...

But, you might have mentioned the hard and soft, masc, fem, neuter endings.... and the 3 aspects not just 2 of verbs of motion... oh that paniky feeling is coming again... the one I used to have before triple Russian on Mondays... aarrgghhh!

Seriously, though. This is great stuff.

Where were you...

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Nora - back from the Dublin meet!

I'm glad! You can thank my Ukrainian buddy and supportive family. Unfortunately I wouldn't have known anything about Russian during your A-level if it was more than two years ago. I'm just about to do my Leaving Cert, on which Russian is not an option smiley - sadface! Having to focus on Spanish instead, which is fun but not the same.

The Leaving Cert is also taking all the blame for my non-response in the months since you wrote. Sorry...

smiley - strawberries

Where were you...

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Sho - employed again!

Don't worry about not replying... work comes first!

And I'm afraid my fiasco of a Russian A-level was taken... oh heck... nearly 20 years ago in July 1982. Erk.

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