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Plastic Squirrel /Back, on the good foot, and doing the bad thing

As a fellow posty, I thought I should bring to your attention a certain letterbox on my round known as "The Letterbox that He-man would have trouble getting into". It has the most pwerful spring known to man, thus knackering up your one-handed, shove the flap open with your little finger technique. Also the legendary thin yet wide letterbox, which you can get anything through, as long as it's the same thickness as a rizla paper. And, have you noticed, that nobody seems to have thought that it might be a good idea to make letterboxes as wide as A4 paper? Seeing as most of the mail comprises flats these days, it could be a good idea, and those gits from betterware who clog up the box with their catalogues, and don't get me started on paperboys!

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