A Conversation for American Medical Quackery from the 1700s to Today

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Very nice entry I must say.
But it would appear that the guide entry for the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices you have linked to has been deleted.

Historically interesting,but...

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Researcher 190989

I have to admit I didn't thoroughly read the complete article,primarily because I noticed some inaccuracies (at least according to my med school and post grad training)and a strong bias against non-mainstream modalities.
I was taught,for example,"quack" came from "quicksilver",which was the only effective (although toxic) treatment for syphillis for many years.
Acceptance of mercury compounds was slow (as are most new therapies)-- the practioners were ridiculed and became known as quacks.Mercury eventually became the gold standard for treating syphillis and other serious infections,but the nickname stuck.

In addition,several other modalities mentioned in the article are currently being used in mainstream medical specialities--but hey,if you're interested,I'll help you write a whole 'nother article about them! Peace, Tim

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