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squamous cell carcinoma

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how is it inherited i just had one removed from my arm then i found out my brother has lung cancer and it is squamous cell carcinoma how can it be the same cancer

squamous cell carcinoma

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Danny B

'Squamous cells' are so-called because they are flat and resemble scales ('squama' is Latin for 'scale'). Cells known as squamous cells are found in various parts of the body, although the actual cells are different, so lung squamous cells are not the same as skin squamous cells. This being the case - and given the fact that hereditary skin cancers are extremely rare - it is quite possible (and even highly likely) that your skin cancer and your brother's lung cancer are not the result of an inherited mutation, but an unfortunate coincidence.

Best wishes to you and your brother for your recovery.

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squamous cell carcinoma

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