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Island of Terror

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I grew up watching so-called 'B' movies with my dad ... although some truly deserve a 'D'. One of my all-time favorites which is rarely broadcast is 'Island of Terror' a Hammer-ist film. (Not truly a Hammer but really, really close.)

Stars Peter Cushing and Edward Judd (of 'Flambards' fame) as two medical doctors trying to kill off the 'silicates', creatures created (by accident!) by a medical researcher trying to find a cure for cancer. (I do suppose that strictly speaking he succeeded. Unfortunately, they killed the person along with the cancer.)

Great sound effects! Great atmosphere. My favorite scene is when they're throwing dynamite at the approaching silicates and one guy has a one jump off a tree on to him. (Just how did it climb the tree?)

I have been looking for a DVD of this classic for a long time - unfortunately, I have only found the VHS with the original British and US trailers at the beginning.

If anyone hears anything about a DVD being released ... let me know, please!!

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Island of Terror

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