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farm animal names - a big misunderstanding

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In my naivity I was disappointed to find no 'names' for farm animals. I was expecting Daisy the cow, Porky the pig, Gordon the goat etc. How wrong can one be?

farm animal names - a big misunderstanding

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I just wanted to know if Muffin the Mule was still a criminal offence.....
smiley - winkeye

farm animal names - a big misunderstanding

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Only on a sunday.


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Lady Borneo Island

Hello to the World! I should write about myself first, then if anyone is interested to chat or share topics with me, please feel free with me to do so...

They say the best things in life comes in small packages - well, thats me! Thats my sense of humour. I consider myself intellectual, smart, witty, sharp with a good dash of sense of humour and confidence, though I may (as human as I am) make mistakes along the way. I am also a good listener and great conversationist, I guess my work in the line of Legal makes me one. I love life and try make the most of it, by which I love meeting people, music and travelling cause these elements makes me, the kind of life I love. Music plays a major part of my life, blues making it number one in my soull. I am capable of myself and have been living on my own since young. Apart from work, I am also good in pool, mind-busting games and loads others, plus I doing charity and volunteering work, which is an equilibrium point in my everyday life. I choose people by the heart, not by colour, race, nationality etc... We are all the same, no matter where we come from, what colour we are, what language we speak....afterall we live on the same planet, breath the same air, get up to the same sun and sleep under the same stars...

So there you go...a little about me!

farm animal names - a big misunderstanding

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Lady Borneo Island

Well, names are names and i think everyone or everything should have a name to it...don't they anyway? Am just wondering why animals aren't registered with the concerned authorities, like Daisy Cow is the daughter of Mad Cow, or something like that...fun eh?

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