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self injury

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Sirona ( 1x7-4+(7x6)-(sqrt9) = 42 )

I think we're all defining healthy and unhealthy and sick and whatnot with many different definitions.

Anyone who self-injures does have an illness. That does not make them crazy, perverse, twisted, warped, whatever you may call it. The illness can be something like mild depression to severe depression to bipolar disorder to borderline personality disorder... there's a hundred different labels. But if one self-injures, and I'm sure no one could logically debate this, they are not in perfect mental health.

I am a self-injurer. Just finished up a session a few minutes ago, as a matter of fact. And I'd say that if you don't understand it, then don't try to comment on it. You don't know what we're going through. You are in no position to judge us. This is our battle, and if we could have you fight it for us, many of us would accept. But no, you have no idea whatsoever what life is like for a self-injurer.

Think about it. Would you rather have someone punch you in the stomach and knock the wind out of you, or slice up their arms a little bit? Because both can be incredibly relieving.


self injury

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Plastic Lemming

very good entry. as a cutter i was struggling with the definition of 'unhealthy' myself.

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self injury

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