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A great piece about a great film.
Whatever the film's morals and messages (and I think there are many), Blade Runner is Ridley Scott's finest hour (or two).
It has all the elements of a great movie that will endure. A brilliantly constructed story loosely based on P.K.Dick's original novella, a good cast, fabulous music, fine sets and special effects that don't overcrowd the action but simply enhance it.
The characters move around the film as if they really do inhabit that environment. Something which is not always achieved in science fiction movies these days where the star is always and very obviously the computer generated imagery.
For me the film is about those two most human abilities, those of construction and destruction. Man playing God. Who is right and who is wrong?
Roy horrifies us with the ruthless and anguished murder of his creator.
But Deckard's "retirements" too are equally horrific.
Despite what Ridley Scott may have said about Deckard's origins, I don't think it's about who is or isn't a replicant. But it's about who can or cannot cope with life and above all with humanity.

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Ridley Scott

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