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i cant believe you missed out the...

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hi, i'm new here. infact this is the first thing i've ever written in this place. i felt so strongly about something i had to say that i registerred just so i could say it.

i like hugging, i've felt for some time now that it's probably the best thing we have going for us, so we should do it lots. this is why i was delighted to see other people so interested in it, but i was horrified when i saw that in your article you say that one persons arms should be bellow, and the others above, and that you have no mention of cross armed hugs. i think that cross armed hugs are the best type of hugs, because this way it shows that both huggers are equal. so strictly there are no huggers and no hugees. i have also found that almost everyone preffers to hug to the left, this seems to be the most comfortable side to hug to.

otherwise a great article keep hugging, everyone

i cant believe you missed out the...

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hey!...me hav one question! wat do you mean hug to the left? hmmmsmiley - erm

i cant believe you missed out the...

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Yael Smith

it means that you 'invite' the other person towards your left side, I think.... it's hard to explain, but I understand the general idea and agree with it.

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i cant believe you missed out the...

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