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The Breach Beach, Hertzeliya, Israel

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A beach behind a wire fence

The Breach Beach is an undeclared beach, ie there are no lifeguards there and the sign there says it is a forbidden bathing area.

Why is it so? Well, any Researcher who dares to contact the local authorities will be assured by the Hertzeliya Beach Department that this strip of sand is in Tel-Aviv's jurisdiction. If you're brave enough to enter further into the abyss of local bureaucracy, and phone the beach department of the city of Tel-Aviv, you will be amazed to learn that this particular beach is not under Tel-Aviv's authority at all. For the next two weeks, you will be bounced back and forth between automatic and human telephone operators, all trying to switch you over to the correct extension.

With the phrase 'Please hold' echoing ferociously in your head, bits of self assurance scattered about you, you might, as this Researcher did, get through to the honourable head of the beach department of Hertzeliya, only to be informed that a beach matching the description of the Breach Beach is simply an 'undeclared beach'.

There isn't anything dangerous there, it's simply the regulation of the local authority to forbid bathing in undeclared beaches. A simple walk to the south end of the beach and a turn of 180 degrees will reveal a sign which reads: 'End of Tel-Aviv jurisdiction', ie the Breach Beach is technically the southernmost beach still in Hertzelia's jurisdiction. So this lovely slice of the Mediterranean was just neglected by the devoted local bureaucrats. If you take a 300-meter walk to the north or south from the Breach Beach itself, you will stumble upon a lifeguard post, as you have entered a 'declared beach'.

Why 'The Breach Beach'?

As mentioned above, the beach is not open to public, and there's a fence there to prevent people from getting to it. But, as you may have guessed, there is a breach in the fence, and it's big enough to fit one or two people at a time.

What's so Special about this Beach?

The breach in the fence is a long way to walk from any residential area, so a vehicle is required in order to get to it. In Israel, a person has to be 17 years old to be able to have a driver's license, so there are few people below this age on the beach. Also, because of the somewhat foul way of getting into this beach, it is populated only by people who will use its unconventional entrance, ie young people (below 30).

A beach volleyball net has been erected at the beach, and usually there are some folks walking around selling cold drinks (including beer), popsicles, etc. Some have even settled in fixed spots. A beach-chair rental service is also available.

Surfers are not a common view around this beach, and it's definitely not a good place for boating or fishing. There's even a sign which forbids flying model airplanes.

A great deal has been said about the uncommonly high concentration of good-looking people frequenting this beach. All complete and utter truth: not the slightest exaggeration noted.

Where Is it and How Do I Get there?

The beach is on the shore of the city Hertzeliya, Israel.

Getting There from the South

The best way to get there is using the Ayalon highway, getting off at the Glilot interchange, followed by a left turn towards Haifa. The next intersection will have three lanes for turning left, and another one for turning right. The rightmost lane from which you can turn left is recommended, because about 30 metres after the intersection there is a small turn to the right.

Getting there from the North

The only way to get there from the north is by using the Coastal Road (in Hebrew, Kvish Ha'hof). You'll need to recognise the Glilot intersection (don't confuse this with the Glilot interchange, which you are not supposed to encounter at all). The road signs aren't the clearest. When approaching the intersection a shopping mall can be seen to the left and a country club (also poorly signed) to the right. At the intersection keep straight, better use the rightmost lane because about 30 metres after the intersection there is a small turn to the right that you must take.

Either Way

Having reached a small T-intersection, which resembles more the shape of the letter Y, turn right. About 100 metres further1 there is a very small entrance to the parking area to the right. This is not an official entrance - just a space between parking cars which connects with the little road you are on. Somewhere a few hundred metres ahead is the breach. The best way to find the breach is to find the spot where the most cars are crowded together, or just follow somebody who's walking along the fence northbound. If you still can't find it - just ask someone.

Parking Tips

The dirt road isn't rough and almost all cars can travel on it. However, a very low car is not recommended, as its bottom might scratch the ground in some places.

As you may or may not know, Israelis are very impolite drivers, and the parking area near the beach can get very crowded (especially on Saturdays). If a mess is visible in the horizon, just park where it is possible and take a 5-minute walk to the breach. If it is too late and the mess is all about, there are little dirt 'roads' splitting from the main one. Those can be entered and parked along. Some of them even lead back to the entrance/exit from the beach parking area. Carefulness is advised as these paths are inlaid with patches of soft sand in which cars without four-wheel drive can get easily stuck.

1You'll see people getting off the little paved road and on the dirt road to your right, but this isn't necessary and they're just using the route with more dirt on it.

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