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Mister Matty

I think the franchise could be quite happily rejuvinated with a remake of the original film

Highlander is a good film, if badly acted a lot of the time. The main reason for this is that the concept it is based around is a brilliant one. If the whole idea was returned to "year zero" and someone remade highlander with a heap-load of imagination and a better emphasis on the spiritual aspects and the psychological effects of immortality it could be brilliant. Oh, and lots of sword-fights of course smiley - smiley

The sequels? Best not discuss them. Highlander II was rediculous (UK researchers will recognise MacLeod's "old man" voice in the Fast Show's "the hardest game in the world" character. The alien aspect was stupid and ruined the plot of the first film. The sorcerer was also stupid and the ending was shamelessly "borrowed" from Terminator 2. I haven't seen any of the other Highlander spin-offs and don't want to.

So come on, Hollywood, remake this film the way it should be.


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Badly acted? Where? smiley - huh

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