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Velcro Wall Jumping

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Velcro wall jumping is a very amusing activity in which Velcro suit-wearing participants leap into walls covered with strong Velcro. This activity is normally practised on college campuses and in night clubs, but can really be done wherever there are enough crazy or drunk people to take part.

Before you jump, remember to make sure that your Velcro suit is made with the opposite side of the Velcro on the wall or else you won't be able to stick to it. The first and most important part of Velcro wall jumping is hitting the wall, whether via trampoline or floor (but it's more fun with a trampoline). Once you're stuck on the wall, the idea is to try and manoeuvre about without falling off. You must use your creativity in doing this. One good way is to unstick part of your body and re-stick it in the direction you wish to move. Then, you unstick and stick other parts of your body in order to move in the direction of your choice. For this to work, you have to keep as large an area of your body stuck to the wall as possible. It is also helpful to spread yourself out on the wall when stuck. If you're expecting a small area of Velcro to hold your entire body on the wall, you will be deeply surprised when you fall off. So don't try that. In addition, your size and the strength of the Velcro also determine how quickly you're going to have a chat with the floor.

In order to get down off the wall once you're stuck to it, you can either wait until the Velcro loses its hold, or you can roll down the wall slowly, which usually results in a softer landing. Padding may be put on the floor so you won't be injured if you fall.

A Fun Game to Play

This is a fun way to test your skills when stuck to the wall with other people. You win if you're the last person left stuck to the wall. The only way you can do this is if you manage to throw all of the other players to the floor. This is more difficult than it sounds because you'll have to do this while attached to the Velcro yourself. When a player touches the floor - and even a mild brush with it will disqualify you - they must sit on the floor and watch the rest of the game. So, in short, to win you must use any non-violent means to make others fall off the wall. It is a good idea to place thick padding under the play area to make sure nobody gets hurt.

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