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Black Box and White Box Testing

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To further your reasearch consider the following......

Black Box Testing.

A 'Black box' is a device which has an input and an output.

The input may or may not mirror the output, but in either way, the process going on within the Black Box remain unknown.

It is possible to determine the exact contents or process with in the black box by analysing the i/o states.

Sometimes, the calculated process within the black box can be exactally mated to the actual contents.

Other times, the contents may be completely different but keep the same i/o states.

It can be assumed that it could be used to gain an output from a given input by using this process and when you look inside the black box, it may be a simpler process than in the original.

White box testing.

This is a process where the contents or process within a range is known, but either or none of the i/o states are known.

This is a similar process that is used to solve algebraic problems.

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Black Box and White Box Testing

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