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Matter and anti-matter were already discussed by Plato in the Timaeus as R.G.Bury points out in his introduction to the Timaeus: "... we have to recognize that the Divine reason which in all things designs the best cannot always and completely realize its designs because of an intinsic and incorrigible element which subsists always in the World." By carefully reading the Timaeus the answer to why this is, is given as well. By studying musical theory and especially tuning problems (closely examine the ring of fifths!) one can arrive at same answer.
What we in general call matter is actually the result of matter and antimatter. We are submerged in matter and antimatter, but because they cancel each other almost (incorrigible element [in musical terms: Pythagorean Comma]) out we only experience the result. This phenomena can be understood by what happens with waves (audio or any other waves for that (anti)matter) that are shifted out of phase by 180 degrees. To be able to demonstrate this with e.g. audio it is most important to have both waves played from one single source, otherwise room reflections or differences in distance from source (speaker) to listener will not result in a propper cancelation of these opposite waves. My, strong, suspicion therefore is that matter and antimatter are closely interwoven and not separated by distant opposite universes.

I am currently working on a web site, called "The Spiral of Creation" that will explain more of the above. The address is www.vpmultimedia.com/spiral/.


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Regarding your statement: "My, strong, suspicion therefore is that matter and antimatter are closely interwoven and not separated by distant opposite universes."

I think that Dirac and other physicists agree that matter and antimatter are closely interwoven - it states as much in the guide entry (5th paragraph). Matter appears to occupy allowed energy states. It fills these states up to a certain level. If for some reason a vacancy occurs at a level below the highest filled level, particles will occupy that vacancy, and the highest level will shift downwards (kind of like if you removed some sand from the middle of a pile). "Antimatter" is just the occurence of one of these vacancies! If it occurs anywhere except an extremely empty place (ie space) it is going to very quickly encounter a particle which will happily fill the vacancy. This is the reason that antimatter is such a distant abstract thing - although it could/might occur all around us, it would be very short lived because of the high density of particles we live in.

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