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Plural posessive apostrophes

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Peet (the Pedantic Punctuation Policeman, Muse of Lateral Programming Ideas, Eggcups-Spurtle-and-Spoonswinner, BBC Cheese Namer & Zaphodista)

You missed out the plural posessive "trailing" apostrophe, as showcased in our very own Programmers' corner... smiley - biggrin

Plural posessive apostrophes

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Not to mention missing out the ridiculous new fashion for confusing words that end in s with plurals. Let me explain. Ulysses' Gaze is the name of a book and film with Harvey Keitel. Now, it should be Ulysses's Gaze. Ulysses is not a plural and we have been saying St James's Park and St James's Street for Centuries. It is what you say naturally. I am all for language changing but it does this best in speech not when someone makes a text error based on a half-remembered grammar rule. As someone with a surname ending in s, I can testify to hundreds of people saying ..ymes's book etc. It makes sense to add an 's to the end so please uphold this and stop ugly grammar.

Thanks. I'll calm down now.

Plural posessive apostrophes

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I've just read the bit about appostophies being contractions.
smiley - wah
My rant smiley - steam about confusing words that end in s with plurals, seems odd now.

On second thoughts... in my example, St James's Park, the old English would have been St James his Park. Therefore it supports my rant further.

QED smiley - scientist

Plural posessive apostrophes

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Martin Harper

Author and Sub-ed and interested parties may wish to read F47997?thread=219195 in Editorial Feedback

that thread has a link to an entry dedicated to clearing up the mess of the apostrophe misuses... smiley - smiley

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