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njan (afh)

with 5.56, actually, yes, I'm inclined to agree, because it's a good close-range calibre. I was having this discussion with another h2'er earlier today, and came to a common agreement on this. 5.56 is also very light, which is a point he raised which I hadn't thought about.


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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

The one I have now is for doing headshots from 15 meters to 100 meters and aimed fire from 20 meters out to 150 meters or so.


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Peter aka Krans

*looks smug*


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Individuals may not care about the casualties, but care or not, a wounded man takes many many more out of the front line than a corpse. I read a study a number of years ago, comparing different armies medical support, and the figures were roughly that if you were a US soldier wounded, you took somewhere between 7 and 9 troops up in medical and transport needs, the UK armed forces were similar, the Soviets as were at the time were about 6-7 troops out for each casualty. Every soldier they put into medical care, flying evac helicopters, driving ambulances, buying sirgical equipment, going through medical school and costing them a fortune, is one soldier and one dollar that isn't being spent on trying to kill you.

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