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Plastic vs. Wood

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I have a plastic oboe, and one +can+ get a perfectly good tone on it (I say "one" because my teacher can; I can't do so yet). Also, it is already several years old--I know not exactly how old, as it is a school instrument--but has no "failings".

The advantage of plastic oboes over wooden ones is that the prior are far easier to mend if they get cracked. Woodies also run into reed AND instrument problems with temperature and humidity changes.

P.S. A lovely, informative, and interesting article, if I do say so myself! smiley - smiley

Plastic vs. Wood

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personally I am an advocate for wood oboes, although care has to be taken over them. I prefer the sound of a wooden oboe to a plastic one but enjoy listening to both.

see ya!
luv gothic_faerie xXx

p.s i travelled to howarths in may to get an oboe and it as an amazing experience i hope to repeat in the future!smiley - biggrin

Plastic vs. Wood

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i too prefer wood oboes, as especially the good quality ones make a brilliant sound. I too have been to Howorth's to drool over the wonderful oboes there, though i do not have a Howorth oboe owing mainly to them costing more than other oboes around.

My friend recently purchased a Howorth Oboe (her old beginners oboe was breaking) and i was hugely jealous as my Oboe does not sound half as good as hers. One day, i hope to walk out of that shop holding one of those oboes ( not having stolen it obviously), but for now i can but dream...



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