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Elizabethan Corsets

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Fairly good overview of corsets and I am pleased that it doesn't agree with the myth that corsets are a garment of oppression and torture!!

However, I do not agree with the description of the Elizabethan Corsets and would like to explain why.

Description - Straight-fronted, conical in shape, rarely extends below the waist. May be fitted with 'tabs' along the lower edge to hold a farthingale in place. Lace-up back only
::end quote::

There are two known complete corsets in existence from the 16th century. One is a German corset which is solely back laced and has attached tabs. The other is solely front laces and has integral tabs and is known as the "Effigy Corset" as it is the one that was used on the effigy of Queen Elizabeth I. It is possible she actually wore it herself.

In addition, that are at least TWO portraits of corsets - both of which are front lacing. One has attached tabs at the waist and one has integral tabs and is very reminiscent of QEI's Effigy Corset.

Feels like - Doesn't have the all-round figure support of later models.

Drawbacks - Not recommended for long periods as outerwear. For one thing, you'll be forever repositioning your cleavage for maximum effect. Can become wearying around the armpits and bust line, tendency to dig in somewhat.

I wear a reproduction Effigy Corset for a good fortnight continually (except at night) every year under full Elizabethan gown. I have full all-round figure support which is very comfortable; I never have to reposition my cleavage once I am in it and it doesn't hurt under the armpits not does it dig in at my waist (though the separate tabbed corsets could do so).

It is an incredibly comfortable corset which I personally find more comfortable than my reproduction Victorian corset (which in itself is very comfy except for the fact that it is edge to edge at the back when laced and therefore I have no leeway to tighten it to fit properly!).

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Elizabethan Corsets

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