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Not a bad article at all though slightly too brief but I'm not sure how long articles are allowed to get. Is it possible to include a bit more about Page and Plant's solo careers, particularly with regard to the success of No Quarter Unledded and Page with the Black Crowes or is this missing the point of the article as it's about the band rather than the individual members? Possibly something about connections to Knebworth/Glastonbury. Also Led Zepplin are something like the only band other than the Beatles and a few others who've managed to have four albums or so sell in excess of 10 million copies. (A few odd points as well that probably don't need to be included and you probably know about them anyway.) Jimmy Page is the most studied guitarist after Hendrix. John Bonham used to play with four drum sticks instead of two - hence the song "Four Sticks". Jimmy Page used a telecaster for the solo of Stairway to Heaven rather than a Les Paul Gibson which he's usually associated with. He also only used his double neck guitar when on tour rather than for recording with. Trouble with their record company meant that they didn't release many singles in the UK (or something like that). You can play spot the Lord of the Rings references with their lyrics. Whole Lotta Love is the theme for Top of the Pops. (Possibly more could be written about individual songs and albums, their influences etc). The reaction they got when they debuted Stairway to Heaven. For some reason their manager is quite well known. You occasionally see clips of Jimmy Page when he was a young boy on TV saying he wanted to be a microbiologist. There's always the drugs/parties rumours to write about as well. I'm sure I'll think of more but nevermind. smiley - winkeye

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PS - Okay, okay. So I can't spell Led Zeppelin properly. Possibly just a communication breakdown. It's always the same. It's been long time since I rock 'n' rolled. (I'm sure we could start an entire thread on just Led Zep lyrics)

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Page has more recently had a collaboration with the Black Crowes, which is well worth a listen.

"Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes - Live at the Greek"

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The Iron Maiden

Their manager was really well known because he was instrumental in helping Led Zeppelin attain the level of success they did, and also because he wasn't very short of being a thug.

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Hey DMS.

Jimmy Page DID use the doubleneck in studio once, on one of their later albums. Houses of the Holy maybe.

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It's worth noting too that Terry Reid, far from just being the bloke that suggested Robert Plant as Led Zeppelin's singer, was actually Jimmy Page's first choice of vocalist, but had contractural obligations to Mickey Most at the time (as one version of the story goes). He was later offered the role as Deep Purple's frontman, and declined it.

Reid's a damned good singer, of the leather lunged variety that Britain turns out every so often, and still plays regular gigs in America (but infrequently in the UK).

All in all a missed opportunity for him , and thoughts of what might have been must loom large; but saying that, without Robert Plant we wouldn't have the classic Zep albums that we know and love so well.

As regards either Keith Moon or John Entwhistle being responsible for naming the band, a third version of the legend credits this to Jeff Beck.

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OK- I know I'm replying to myself, but I'm new here...

Forgot to mention that there IS actually a Terry Reid website worth checking out (including praise from Aretha Franklin).

Also, it's worth checking out the DVD by Hayseed Dixie 'No Sleep Till Liverpool', where they play a superb bluegrass version of 'Black Dog', complete with Jimmy Page style solo- played on a mandolin.

You can't help but smile.smiley - smiley

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