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a reincarnation?

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I've come across such a woman. There were elements of extreme sadism, sociopathical traits, unnatural intelligence, like Bathory is reported to have had ( used of course to make bad things happen ) and a fluctuation between lesbianism and loving men, she also held a position of power and power was a very important thing to her. She also had fits or rages/paranoia but then later seemed to calm down. You could not call her insane because she knew what she was doing even though she seemed totally nuts, after a rage she could just be normal and walk away. Young pretty girls are her least favourite ones. She has no shame about hurting people and it gives her intense joy. She likes to isolate people and then go about taunting and tormenting them when she is alone with them. She has not committed such atrocities that I know of, but if given enough power and a few more years...I think bad things may happen. But of course i dont have any evidence, just experience of how her brain works. I only read about Bathory a year after i came accross this wild woman and then i saw the similarities. When I met her the first time i sensed the evil in the air as she screamed to me she was going to destroy me and "didnt like my eyes". Then I knew I was in Crazy Town.

a reincarnation?

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The validity of your personal experience is unquestionable. However, there is neither a reason nor any facts which I have read from you to connect your experiences to Elizabeth Bathory. Since thousands of people were put through sham trials with logs of evidence during that time and the Hapsburgs have a history of misinformation for their personal gain, I can not accept the trial and testimony at face value. It's like quoting the National Enquirer or Hitler for evidence. Elizabeth was a member of the aristocracy but she was also a Transylvanian Protestant ruling in Catholic Hapsburg lands so the interactions and her history will probably never be documented.

Tyrants often bring emotionally charged crimes, usually sexual or especially cruel, to bear upon their victims. The public tends to overlook facts in responding to their own emotional areas. The pattern for either story is believable but there appears to be no credible facts.smiley - magic

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