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Supposed inbreeding - I don't see any facts for that

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There are numerous casual statements in this article, as if they are established fact, but I do NOT know of evidence to support them. For example, if you study the geneology tables for aristocrats they appear to have married across a reasonably large group of individuals, mainly to establish political relationships between different countries and regions. I am always amazed at the how far away the various spouses of historical aristocrats were be born. Whoever wrote this article doesn't like aristocrats, no surprise there, but should attempt to cite only clearly documentable facts and results of research, not arbitrary prejudice.

Supposed inbreeding - I don't see any facts for that

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In view of the fact that European High Nobility has been doing just that for centuries,this seems to be a strange statement,to say the least.In this particular case it seems that the Woman was just simply completely mad.If her Madness stems from inbreeding or not...who knows.The High Nobility was/is interrelated across Europe,and always has been.There are numerous examples for ailments they suffered who can be linked directly to inbreeding.Check out Queen Victoria's descendants,that should point you in the right direction.But I'm sure you know that already.smiley - smiley

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Supposed inbreeding - I don't see any facts for that

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