A Conversation for Nelson Mandela - a Humanitarian

Convicted terrorist

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Mandela was convicted of treason and sabotage in open court by a judicial system that was recognised as impartial, often making anti Government rullings. Don't believe the Biased Broadcasting Coorporation. The actions of this character would make him a terrorist in any country of the world. His commitment to violence is why Amnesty International never recognised him as a prisoner of conscience.

Convicted terrorist

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Ever heard the saying "yesterday's terrorist is tomorrow's statesman"? Universal: half the leaders of former British colonies were at the least involved in civil disobedience prior to independence. And prior to the end of British rule in Palestine, practically everybody who later became an Israeli leader was in the Irgun, the Jewish terrorist group - no sign of Menachim Begin being arrested for terrorism on a state visit to London. And today... Martin McGuiness and Gerry Adams are listened to by British politicians and often invited to high-level talks. Both have form as IRA terrorists. And look at Ian Paisely's links to terrorists on the other side of the Irish divide. Also occurs to me a lot of things Josef Stalin did prior to becoming Russian leader could have been classed as terrorism - didn't stop Western leaders talking to him during WW2...

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