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kasese<a rather confused individual, desperately seeking Harmony>

A very good review of Mr. Mandela's Life and how he played a large part in the "new" South Africa. Mr. Mandela has always been a topic of disscussion in my household here in Canada as i was born in Uganda and have family members who are South African. We are white, by the way. My South African relatives fought for years against white supremecy and my aunt was jailed several times for protesting against the government. She unfortunately died before Mandela was freed, however, her legacy lives on in her children who still advocate for equality. When Mandela was freed from prison, I was overjoyed. This moment was only overshadowed when he became President. That was truly a moment in history which will never be equaled. I taped his speach presented in Toronto, so that in the future, my children will be able to listen to a voice which truly changed history. Haveing said all this, Unfortunately at the present, I don't think his legacy is accepted by all South Africans. There are still a great number of them who still feel that life under Apartheid was better. There is still a great distinction between the "haves and Have nots" There are still shanty towns and rich white neighbourhoods barricaded by wrot iron fenceing. Within those white homes are security systems and weapons cabinets. People on both sides still live in fear. Will it take another 150 years to change this? I certainly hope not. FIn closeing, I will agree with you that Nelson Mandela is truely a great Humanitarian and hopefully his idealism will be instilled in all Children black or white in Africa and throughout the world.

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