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By a strange co-incindence...

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By a strange co-incidence, my children and I have spent the afternoon watching Jackie Chan movies with me as I'd bought a couple of second hand tapes in my local market earlier today to add to our growing collection of his films. smiley - biggrin

I really enjoyed reading your entry (thanks) and will be showing it to my children. smiley - bigeyes

By a strange co-incindence...

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Notquiteallhere - the Conversation Assassin

Thanks for that, Gwennie! smiley - biggrin

There's a whole batch of his early films coming out on DVD in the near future - it's the excuse I've been waiting for to join the Digital Video revolution!

NQAH (posting his first message in over a month)

By a strange co-incindence...

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LOL! smiley - biggrin

I'm going to wait until they market DVD players that have a record feature and then I'm going to have to wait until I can afford one! smiley - bigeyes

*Feels that she may be in for a very long wait* smiley - erm

By a strange co-incindence...

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Well, I don't know about being able to afford one of course but, DVD-R (as it's probably called - i.e. recordable DVD) is available now. Start saving I should say.

By a strange co-incindence...

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Notquiteallhere - the Conversation Assassin

Yeah, that's the other argument, of course - I might be able to afford a DVD-R in about 3 years!

NQAH (concurring)

By a strange co-incindence...

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Start saving? With two sproglets who have a Playstation 2 plus games for said extravagance on their Crimbo list? smiley - bigeyes

*Wonders how much money she'd get if she sold her children* smiley - biggrin

By a strange co-incindence...

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Don't forget- a playstation 2 will play DVDs for you!

My very favourite Jackie Chan movie of all is Fearless Hyena I.

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