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A good alternative...

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I like these S.A. knives, but sometimes you just need plyers.

The only thing which is a viable alternative to these knives
is the American made Leatherman. These are available in a
variaty of incarnations. From small (with few features) to large
with more features (plyers, saw, two different blades, assortment of
screwdrivers, scissors, etc). Knive is actually a misnomer, IMHO. It
is more a versatile tool which happens also to cut stuff.

It'll save your but in more than one household, professional or
recreational situation you might find yourself in...

Check these out, they're a Must Have for anybody who does anything smiley - winkeye

A good alternative...

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Jim diGriz

Leatherman... fantastic!

I have a Leatherman Wave almost permanently to hand.

Depends what you want from your tool. Leatherman tend to have the beefier tools needed for the hard jobs, whereas the Swiss Army knives have the finer tools.

As always, there are exceptions in each field, but I think that's the general thrust.

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A good alternative...

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