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IP addresses

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Geoff Riley

A slight piece of misinformation has crept into this article:

"The most common is probably 192.168.0.x (where x is any number up to 999)"

x may be any number from 1 to 254 (or rather 0 to 255, but 0 and 255 have special meaning, and so are not used).

IP addresses

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I've corrected this now - many thanks indeed!

Sam. smiley - smiley

IP addresses

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Geoff Riley

My pleasure.

I did intend to say that I thought it was a very good entry.... I always prefer to use a hub myself, but since everything (so far) is in one room I've not flood wired my place yet smiley - smiley

IP addresses

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Just zis Guy, you know? † Cyclist [A690572] :: At the 51st centile of ursine intelligence

I know that - I think the original said that - it's highly unlikely I would have got it wrong, as some days I do nothing but configuring IP connections. But maybe I did.

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