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A book question.

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Having recently read 'The curious incident of the dog in the night' which is purportedly about a 15yr old lad with asperger's, I'd very much like to know how accurate the portrayal is. Bearing in mind it is written by someone without the syndrome in first person of some with it, I find my one main critical question of the book is 'how accurate is it'?
I know these things are variable and so forth, so I don;t think it is anyway a case study of all people or anything. Just like to know is all.

A book question.

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

It's very accurate.

My 12 year old could've written it, if he could read/write.

I could have written it from his perspective.

It made me very sad that that's how (some) Aspies see the world.

A book question.

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Thanks GB.
I found it very interesting from the point that I could fully understand the reasoning and logic involved. The book itself I thought was 'OK' ,nothing more. But what struck me was that the rules and the reasons were , dare I say, quite simple. Once you knew them, they made sense, and you could operate within them. Ok, so I have only read a book and not had to live with someone who has those rules. But they struck me as a darn sight more comprehesible than the rules of most human beings. What it can't show, of course, is how those rules and reasons are affected by emotion. I guess emotions are another thing that are perceived differently.

The problem seemed to be conveying the rules and reasons to those who followed different rules and reasons. And that is nothing new, just one of the fundamental problems of being human. I don't mean to belittle everything, but as someone who has not had to deal with anyone with very different mental makeup, it surprised me how compehensible it was.

I hope I haven't offended with this post, that was not my intention, and I know such things cen be very delicate. If there is one thing I do understand it is incoimprehension of social rules smiley - smiley

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