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Great article - I have AS myself. It affects my life to the level that ocasionally I end up insulting people without meaning too, and I'm a screw-up when it comes to social situations, but given time and understanding I get by. Some of the people I live / work / play with know. Some don't - but I seem to get by.

It's funny looking down the list of things that can also go wrong with you - I have terrible handwriting, can't remember names and I have bad hand-eye co-ordination.

It doesn't stop me doing anything - I work full time (for an internet adverising co.) and live independently. I've got a great relationship with my girlfriend (over 18 months, and still strong).

I'm also an experienced first-aider (with many hours of duty work behind me), and can interact with patients / relatives/ the public & clients fine. The trick seems to be learning set facial movements and phrases to use in reaction. I find that the very focused knowledge of facts helps with first-aid work, and I've learnt to care for patients along side.

It's hard work sometimes, especially when I'm tired - but I get by.


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Researcher 181457

Too right it is smiley - smiley

I have a child recently diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder - it was amazing to me to read up a little and find that I have all the symptoms of Asperger's syndrome. It shouldn't have been that surprising though, given that Austim in general is genetic and runs through families - it explains a lot about some of my 'stranger' relatives.

It's great to see a balanced and accurate description - given some of the inaccurate and negative things that have been published in the press recently.


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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Hi Ian,
I went to your personal space {your page} but I cannot post there as you have not written an introduction. Please click on "preferences" then type something - anything, even "Hello"smiley - winkeye then update your page. Then likesmiley - magica button will appear for other people to click here to discusssmiley - smiley
I have a son with Asperger's Syndrome and I am trying to widen my contact with people knowledgeable about the condition.
Thank you so much!smiley - smiley

Hi RedHillian, I have been to your personal space and left you a message there.smiley - smiley

~Galaxy Babe~
smiley - flyhi

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Researcher 181494

Hi I have AS myself and am trying to find other people with it. Is there any chance you can leave yiur email address so I can get in contact with you RedHillian ?

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Hi Researcher#181494,
Please would you also type something on your personal space?
Then I can welcome you to the Guide properlysmiley - smiley
smiley - hug

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Hi there - I'll post contact details on my personal info page for those who want.

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Pu Dendal-Shrubbery

Great article. Nice to see Aspergers get a mention. I'm nearly 30 and I only 'discovered'I had AS a few years ago (I've met several other people with it since and mine seems a mild version)and it was a revelation! All my strange character traits and bizarre behaviour, all those things I did as a child which made my parents upset and angry - now had a logical explanation.

I have 'grown out of it' to some extent. I have recognised'my little ways' and I have changed them. I think a change of home environment and a better diet have helped me think differently too. It's not been a radical overhaul- I'm still pretty inept socially for example but I don't hate myself any more.

My wife is a lot more understanding because of this discovery but my parents still pretend it doesn't exist. I'm finally getting on with my life and I'm working towards a BA. 10years later than I'd imagined but I'm there.

I haven't got myself officially diagnosed yet as I'm a little scared -partly because I have a baby daughter and I don't wish it on her and partly because, well, what if I DON'T have it?

Now that would be scary.

What negative things were in the press recently? Which papers?

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Mark (not George)

I can relate to that. Not long after I met my wife, she showed me some books on Asperger's, which explained a lot.

I've always been an extremely quiet, shy kid, finding it hard to make friends. I've been at the raw end of the school bully, too, mainly because I used to react to the jibes. I'm still not at all good with words and conversation, except with those I've got to know and be comfortable with.

I learned to read at a young age, apparently, and I'm very drawn to words on a page, or a beer bottle, etc etc. When I'm nervous, I tend to seek out words to read. I also do the professor bit, reading all I can on narrow bits of various subjects (most recently, the London Underground, but not so much the trains, but the architecture, and design; and Triumph TR7s)

I like to have a routine, and I get on best with the unexpected if I can 'slot it in' somewhere.

But I digress. Anyway, I read the books, and talked to Karen (my wife) and my mum, and figured I could have Aspberger's. So I got an appointment with the community mental health people from my doctor.

Unfortunately, the chap I saw (who had previously dealt with me due to a wrist-meets-Stanley-knife incident, and had recommended assertiveness classes to help me with my communication problems) said that there wasn't really enough evidence, and that some of his peers in the team didn't think that AS really existed, and that seeing as I was dealing with life ok (having a girlfriend and a baby, and a job that seemed to be going well) it wouldn't be helpful sticking a label on me.

So I'm still left with the doubt. If it's not AS, what is it? I wasn't after therapy, just a bit of recognition and peace of mind.

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