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Researcher 200373

If it is jsut normal traffic going down a highway, how can the officer pinpoint the speeder out of the pack? is there some sort of picture taken or does the officer just see the speed on his screen, then look over his shoulder and look for someone going fast or jamming on the brakes?


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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

All the radar shows is the speed. It will give a tone which indicates how clear the signal is that it's getting. The officer would have to find someway to articulate that the vehicle is the one that is speeding. Generally, the radar screen will show the largest and closest object. Sometimes, it will go back and forth inbetween several cars.

If there's a mass of cars, then it can be very hard. Say the officer is getting a signal off of mass fo cars. He sees one car that is going much faster than the rest of the cars, and then he gets a much higher speed in the radar screen with a clear high pitched tone. He can articulate why that's the person.

The officer can't just get a speed, and then decide who the speeder is. He has to determine it based on his observations.


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Yes, it is the case that the police hunt speeders more at times when high-speed driving is safer; that is, when few vehicles are on the road and their radar is therefore reliable.

Shame really.


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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

It's a limitation of the radar technology. Now with Laser, it's not a problem. You just aim it at the target, and you're off to the races.

As a practical matter, rush hours aren't a time when police have much time to spare. That's the time when people are coming home and discovering residetnial burglaries and accidents are occuring.

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