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Driving in Arabia

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Abu Scruffy

Information for those considering driving in Arabia.

Undisputed champion for sheer lunacy on the roads. More dead bodies and mangled wreckage seen here then anywhere else. Home of the imfamous "Roundabout of fear and loathing" at the end of the 5th Ringroad - one of the scariest places in the driving world.

RIYADH - Speed, wide roads, luxury cars and thousands of taxis. Recipe for disaster. Bus drivers on Olaya Street to be especially feared.
DHARHAN / KHOBAR - A bit less manic than Riyadh, but still to be taken with extreme caution. Beware locals returning from "liquid refreshment" breaks across the causeway in Bahrain. Arabian driving habits combined with alcohol produced a lethal cocktail.
HA'IL (Northern KSA) - Driving still erratic and unpredictable, but 90% of locals seem to drive ancient "Wannates" (pick-up trucks) so you have slightly more reaction time. Watch out for goats in the passenger seats and cars crammed full of women driven by seven-year-old boys.
ANYWHERE OUTSIDE THE CITY - Camels and wild donkeys roam. If you see them, even by the side of the road, turn on hazard lights to warn other drivers. Be very careful driving long distances at night.

RAS AL KHAIMAH - Drivers are pretty good, for Arabia, but be careful of goats, sheep, camels, donkeys and even cattle on the roads.
SHARJAH - The place you are most likely to get stuck in a jam. Industrial zones are especially dangerous as trucks and taxis love to swing out into the road, no matter what the speed of the traffic. Reliable brakes a plus.
DUBAI - Wide roads, speed bumps where needed, lower number of "crazies" on the road. Driving in Dubai can be quite fun! Beware of traffic during "Dubai Shopping Festival" in the spring. Last years' fireworks display caused 5-hour gridlock with traffic police having to be helicoptered in to try and sort out the mess.

In the city, driving quite slow and easy to negotiate. Beware of cars with Saudi plates, however, especially late at night.

Driving in Arabia

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

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