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If you liked 'Dracula' then try

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If you enjoyed 'Dracula' then try & get hold of a copy of Kim Newman's book 'Anno Dracula' which creates an alternate reality where Count Dracula marries Queen Victoria (after all he is royalty). It mixes real people with various fictional characters of the period, taking a new look at the Jack the Ripper murders and the social consequences of vampirism - what happens when such creatures come out from the shadows & into society.

It is the first of (so far) three books - 'the Bloody Red Baron' & 'Dracula Cha Cha Cha' (or 'Judgement of Tears' if you're in the US), dealing with WWI and Rome in the 1950's respectively. Plus there are a number of short stories related to the story arc.

These books are clever and well written - do NOT be put off by the bloody awful covers (all gothic lettering & dripping blood - I'm sure horror fiction would be taken more seriously as a genre if the covers were less silly). Geneviève Dieudonné & Katie Reed are some of the most inspiring female characters I ever come across in fiction, plus they make a great change from the mindless, sexually voracious animals that normally pass for female vampires.

For more info go to his site - www.johnnyalucard.com. The man also happens to be an expert on horror movies & mates with Neil Gaiman - if that sort of thing influences you, (they both enjoy mixing characters & myths from other places into the work).

It's maybe currently out of print but 'Anno Dracula' is well worth tracking down if vampires are your thing.

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If you liked 'Dracula' then try

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I read a book called "Blood of the Impaler" I have most of my books packed up from a move o I can not remember the author(sad but true) but it is set in modern day with the king vampire himself trying to come back. I liked it as a continuation of the original Dracula. I also find it funny that the original seems to be in the Young Adult sections of most libraries around Ohio.

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If you liked 'Dracula' then try

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