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nice pun :-)

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

I didn't realise when I first saw the article, but Ziegen Bock is a nice one from the PR office smiley - smiley

The 'Bock' as a smiley - stout thing was derived from 'Einbeck' near Hannover (as stated in the Nockherberg article).

Besides that, a 'Bock' in german is the male of deer, roe, goat and some other kinds of animals. A 'Ziege' is a goat. Hence, Ziegenbock is the male goat.

smiley - cheers

nice pun :-)

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I don't know if you have ever been to Texas, but if you ever are pick up a Ziegenbock and look at the label. It's a big male goat with horns. It has taken many a Texan to figure out that Ziegenbock meant male goat...at least in my part :D

nice pun :-)

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Also, over the last few years here in TX they have had a radio advertising campaign featuring a very manly goat...so...there it is.

nice pun :-)

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As a Texan who semi-recently started drinking the various texas beers, I have decided that Ziegen Bock is my favorite. Sadly I had no idea it meant male goat, tho I did know it had a goat on it. Guess I never thought to much about it.

Ziegen Bock doesn't seem to have much of a following compared to Shiner though. A good friend of mine grew up in Shiner and I have attended Bocktoberfest the past two years in Shiner. Neat little town. You would think that you could get the stuff cheap at an event right beside the brewery, but no.. it was still like $3-4 per small plastic glass....

I'm currently in florida and now know I need to try amberbock to see how it compares. Already got me a 6pack.

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