A Conversation for 'Richard III' by William Shakespeare


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Cadi Merchionamercheluned

Josephin Tey wrote a very interesting book called "The Daughter of Time". It's about a policeman who is laid up in hospital and thoroughly bored. One of his friends suggests he spends his time on some unsolved mystery from the police files, but he takes Richard the Third instead, on the grounds that he knows the police files backwards, but would like to do some historical detecting. With the aid of a British Museaum "looker-upper" he starts to find out about this villified King, and comes to some surprising conclusions!


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And Introducing... A Leg

Yes, an excellent novel, but dreadful history. It completely ignores some heavy evidence against Richard, and its case against Henry is pure speculation and wishful thinking. Richard did it -- no other explaination stands up to the facts.

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