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I'm sure I remember a character called Serendipity on "Neighbours" a few years ago. . . but everyone called her 'Ren'.

It's a great word and a lovely concept but I wonder. . . is it a form of cruelty to call your child it?


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Stumbled across this entry quite by accident and found this posting...

Yes, I think it would be cruel to call your child serendipity. My mum and dad used to joke that they never really planned for me coming along. I found out the meaning of the word when my dad said he thought about making 'Serendipity' my middle name.

Looked it up in the dictionary and found it meant 'happy accident'. Never quite forgotten that smiley - winkeye.

Sister Bluebird smiley - bluebutterfly


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Hi Sister sorry that page wouldnt print out smiley - sadface havnt got the butterfly..
Now as to Serendipty .......My found meaning..."To come across a nice suprise."
Now thats how I see the Wildlife garden too! Bet you get plenty of I know the good old dandys cause bother .smiley - smiley cos my neighbour lets them fly over to me ! We have same thing here we concentrated that much on the back garden the front just went Wild !
But so many plants re-seeded because they were left alone smiley - smiley not only the dandys ...smiley - winkeye
For the first time My Hubby has taken to growing veg! WOW we have had so much lettuce......radish......onions....now peas.. and coming up good and strong Sprouts!!
So now we have a cottage garden! amongst the flowers the cabbages grow! We got mixed up with the seeds ...dahlias became cabbage.smiley - smiley.... Next year just use the strimmer on the front and scatter the seeds ! that will sort it! as long as there are correct flowers and not all weeds everyone will recognise it as "A Wild Flower Garden " for sure.....smiley - smiley
Viv smiley - blackcat

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