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a cool evening in fall

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ben 'Jammin

As a Canadian, my traditional morning routine has always involved a cup of coffee and an apple fritter from a well known franchise named after a hockey hero. However, it would be wrong to confuse this morning indulgence with the joy that can be found in an evening cappuccino.

I will explain the method of enjoying an evening cappuccino.
1. Time of Year: The best is the fall, when the evening air is slightly chilly, but not yet cold.
2. Location: A windowed sunroom is the ideal place, as wind will serve to interfere with the enjoyment of the froth.
3. Preparation: There must be a soft chair and footrest available, with a good book at ones side. I find anything by Tolkein to be ideal.
4. Always freshly grind your beans. Store ground espresso beans are unacceptable. Use skim milk to prepare the froth, and add a teaspoon of sugar before mixing the milk and the espresso.
5. Consumption: DO NOT GULP. Gulping is what separates the coffee drinker from the cappuccino drinker. Rather take the time to savor each sip. For instructions on what to do with the froth, see other entries in this area.

a cool evening in fall

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Sounds wonderful!smiley - smiley

smiley - cappuccino

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a cool evening in fall

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