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This is a very good article outlinning the various aspects of an A&E department.

Behind the scenes you will also find (to various degrees) a computer system that monitors patients length of stay, tracks their results and any medication or treatment given.

In turn these sytems are then used to provide various government reports and audits. It may noy be the stuff TV dramas are made of but without them departments would grind to a halt.


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A good point, except for one minor correction:

"without them departments would grind to a halt"
"without them departments grind to a halt"

Pathology and radiology reporting systems (that is, those that provide blood and x-ray results via the intranet) and bed status/patient monitoring equipment really does break down, forcing doctors to call the lab for blood results and maintain a backup of dry-wipe marker pen boards/cards to show which patients are where.

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