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Robo-Handed Luke

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Base 13

Luke does have his robot hand in the set with the two imperial speeder bikes. No need to amputate some poor innocent LEGO citizen to give Luke a replacement.

I have the Trade Federation droid fighter and the speeder bike set.
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Robo-Handed Luke

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The Apprentice

However, there is a version of Luke in black Jedi clothes that doesn't have the black robo-hand... I just can't remember which set it is.

Robo-Handed Luke

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I'm pretty sure it was the Desert Skiff set that came with a Jedi-robed Luke whose hands were both yellow. This is because, as you may remember, the robotic hand was designed to look like his natural one. It was only after the hand was shot (during the escape from the skiff) that he started wearing the single black glove.

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